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Explore ownership with North
America's First Campervan
& RV Rental Franchise

Glamp Mobile is an emerging franchise for campervan and RV rentals, the first of its kind in North America. Owning a campervan rental business on the Glamp Mobile  platform means getting access to everything needed for a successful campervan rental business, including exclusive access to the iconic Glamp Mobile campervan and a turnkey business model. 

Unlike the share economy hosting model seen in companies like AirBnB and Turo, Glamp Mobile is a franchise, providing training, implementation, coaching, and revenue sharing, which helps ensure all partners make the money they want to make through the platform.


Are you an ideal owner?

While having the space to store your Glamp Mobile camper van is perhaps an obvious prerequisite, we have found three groups of people who seem especially suited for joining our team!

Regular travelers who want to vacation for free

With vinyl graphics on its sides, and supported by a franchise business model, suddenly any vacation in the company vehicle can be a business expense for the owner's LLC. Annual events like music festivals and state fairs can produce enough bookings to both pay for themselves - and could cover business overhead for the rest of the year!

Vacation rental investors both current & prospective seeking alternatives

The traditional vacation rental investing environment is in a challenging moment, with real estate as expensive as it ever has been, and lots of competition competing for bookings. Becoming a Glamp Mobile owner allows existing investors to diversify their portfolios, while being a more affordable, more convenient, and less competitively crowded alternative for those considering a first-time vacation rental investment. With road trips being one of the main use-cases for renters, occupancy and earnings have the potential to be higher as well!

Private campground owners looking to increase mid-week bookings

The private campground space is seeing record demand for campsites, but midweek bookings at even the busiest campgrounds are typically well short of capacity. Joining the Glamp Mobile network as an owner allows campgrounds to diversify their revenue while promoting mid-week stays. Road trips are a key use-case for camper van renters, and long distance travelers need to stay overnight on the weekday as much as the weekend. Glamp Mobile campervans are also off-grid capable giving campground owners more flexibility.


Founding franchise partners get unique benefits

Glamp Mobile is an emerging franchise with a lot of growth potential. Our franchise partners are helping us build a nationwide brand, and as such they will be getting exclusive benefits including company equity.

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